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>>A Health Care, Privacy, & Employment Law Firm - Focus Law Firm has been serving Arizona and Tennessee since 2016. Our firm concentrates on Health Care (notably Senior Living Institutions), Privacy (United States and EU), and Employment Law matters (from Hiring to Firing). Please look through our site for further information, or please contact us.

>>INDUSTRY NEWS: (RSS Feed From Modern Health Care)

Insurers to disclose financial relationships under proposed rule
Posted on Friday September 10, 2021

Insurers that sell group or individual market plans would also have to report more information about coverage for air ambulance services to the federal government.

HHS announces $25.5 billion in COVID-19 provider relief grants
Posted on Friday September 10, 2021

Healthcare providers who experienced lost revenues and higher costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic between July 2020 and March 2021 are eligible to to apply for funding starting Sept. 29.

VC and private equity firms to face more scrutiny, CMS official warns
Posted on Wednesday September 08, 2021

Investment could help transform the healthcare delivery system, but federal officials say patients won't get the care they need if investors are only in to tap federal coffers.

Providers and insurers want more details, leniency on surprise billing ban
Posted on Tuesday September 07, 2021

Both industries worry they don't have essential information about how the policy will work in the real world nor enough time to carry out needed changes.

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970