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>>A Health Care, Privacy, & Employment Law Firm - Focus Law Firm has been serving Arizona and Tennessee since 2016. Our firm concentrates on Health Care (notably Senior Living Institutions), Privacy (United States and EU), and Employment Law matters (from Hiring to Firing). Please look through our site for further information, or please contact us.

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A case study in government participation
Posted on Tuesday April 06, 2021

Dr. Jeff Bailet, CEO of San Francisco-based Altais, got his start in government relations when he was the chief medical officer of a medical group in Seattle. After the practice announced it would move to a different health system, the city’s deputy mayor asked him to help address fears that the change would make it more difficult for the city’s neediest populations to access care.

How strong relationships and a focused strategy can influence policy
Posted on Tuesday April 06, 2021

Health system officials are looking to influence policy decisions made by local, county and state governments that can help them effect change beyond the walls of the hospital.

Detroit was a COVID-19 response leader. Now it's back to being a national hot spot.
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

As COVID-19 infection rates rise steeply in Detroit and across Michigan, the state's biggest city isn't leading the pack on response like it once was.

Biden launches community corps to boost COVID vaccinations
Posted on Thursday April 01, 2021

The campaign comes amid worries that reluctance to get vaccinated will delay the nation's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

More than a dozen states to open vaccines to all adults
Posted on Monday March 29, 2021

States opening eligibility to anyone ages 16 and older on Monday included Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, North Dakota and Kansas.